We went to the Arizona Gay Rodeo and met a group of trailblazers with balls much bigger than the bulls they were riding.

Over the span of three days we got to eat rattlesnake, Tucker shattered our hotel window nearly falling eight stories up, met the great lightning rod strippers at Charlie's Bar, had the skin of our elbows manipulated by Midnight Mike in 98 degree weather, and were blessed by Cowboy Tom before we hit the road back home.

There is no grand prize at this rodeo - or any prize at all. All of the contestants ride for charity. Which stands as a testament to how brave these badasses are. Many still had not yet 'come out' to their parents and were riding the beasts that only few Americans can say they've ridden. For no pay or notoriety.

The older the buck, the stiffer the horn.  Don't f*ck with the Arizona Steer Riders.