Serving the unsung soldiers of cinema since 1990.

The Stunt Players Directory was founded in 1990 by my dad, Wally Crowder, a stunt coordinator who still crashes cars to this day.  The Stunt Players Directory originated as a hardcopy publication and quickly began to revolutionize the entire stunt community.  It allowed stunt coordinators to easily find and hire stuntmen and women for work in the film, television, and commercial business.  There was no such thing as a set without a Stunt Players Directory on hand.

My family and I are proud to have helped start the careers of many stuntmen and women and foster the careers of many more.  Since day one, The Stunt Players Directory has aimed to showcase the talents and abilities of its members to the industry’s leading professionals as well as to contribute to the overall prosperity of the stunt community.


We firmly believe that the stunt performer is the hardest working actor in Hollywood.  They are the men and women who risk their lives without due credit.  We look forward to many more decades of linking coordinators with the most courageous performers in the world today.

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