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My film efforts are merely tributes to my friends and people I love.  All of it revolves around documenting, engaging, and supporting life's 'unsung heroes.'  This is a big word in the world of stunts.

I run the Stunt Players Directory, the first film industry guide for stunt performers created by my family two decades ago.  We believe that stuntmen and women are the hardest working performers in the film and television industry - and that they don't get the proper credit they deserve.  We are working every day to help change that.

My current documentary and creative production work centers around telling the stories of other unlikely heroes.  In 2019, I debuted Bunny at the Fantastic Film Festival in Austin, TX  - a tribute to my dearest friend "The Goddess Bunny," Sandie Crisp.  She is a cult superstar, drag queen, and only living human suffering from both polio and HIV.


The film is a love letter I wrote for her, commemorating her wildly unabashed spirit and the time we've spent together for nearly a decade.  She inspires much of my work.

-Hunter Ray Barker